We Look Forward to Welcoming You
A few wee ‘house rules’ tae help yi keep the heid…

One Way
We have a one way entry through the front door and one way exit through our side door. It’s all signposted for you. Like the North Coast 500 – only less scenic.

Table Service Only

Sit Yerself Doon,
We will come to you for all aspects of your visit
Our Supertuff menus are sanitised in our sterilising glass washer, our cutlery comes in an individual pouch and we will drop items to the end of the table to prevent entering your personal space. The space has been sanitised for your arrival.

Push Here
The amber bottles dotted around are made from recycled glass and the distillery made sanitiser will kill any bad germs lurking around! As will a good whisky (not government advice)!

Lads & Lassies Loos
We have a ‘one in one out’ system for our toilets with designated waiting areas. These are sanitised regularly as are all touch points.

2 Metres
We operate 2 metres social distancing between our tables and whilst moving around the building.

Gee us a wave
We know there will be lots of familiar faces in ‘your local’ to catch up with but please respect the space of others and remain at your table .Give them a wave instead or buy them a wee dram and send it to their table!

Track & Trace
All track and trace details will be stored securely via our Res-Diary Booking system.

Braw, Bonnie Faces
We are all wearing the biggest of smiles behind our handmade masks. Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout lockdown and continues to support us by visiting. It really is so great to have you back!

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